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A JULIANA TRAIL that does not just conquer mountain tops or lead you in a respectful distance of the peaks along the edge of the Julian Alps and Triglav National Park. It takes you where you will feel the real pulse of life in the Julian Alps and learn about the rich natural and cultural heritage of this magnificent and astonishing alpine world that abounds in biodiversity.
The starting point is before the village of Kočna (from the direction of Jesenice), where a board marks the beginning of the trail. Climb the Mežakla slopes, following the marked trail.
The “Memories of Old Jesenice Settlement” theme trail runs through the oldest part of Jesenice, called Murova. This part is also known as “Altassling” or “Old Jesenice”. Together with the Plavž and Sava settlements, it later formed what is now known as the town of Jesenice. During your walk around Murova, which extends along the slope of the Mirca hill, you will learn about the historical development of the settlement, enjoy the views and experience the pulse of the city. Tales from the locals and the photographs on the information boards will take you back in time.
Route: Blejska Dobrava – Waterfall Šum – Vintgar – Hom – Waterfall Šum – Blejska Dobrava Difficulty: easy Duration: 3 hours Altitude difference: 250m sights along the route: Vintgar Gorge, waterfall Šum, Church of St. Catherine
Planinsko društvo Jesenice (Mountaineering Society Jesenice)Tel.: 04 586 60 70; 041 733 036E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.: www.pdjesenice-drustvo.si It is open from the beginning of May to mid-October. There are 50 seats indoors and 80 outdoors. The hut has 26 beds in 5 rooms, and a big room which sleeps up to 15 guests.  The following is available in the mountain hut: toilette, washroom with cold water, restaurant area, heated by a wood-fired oven, telpher line.  The hut boasts with a wonderful view of the Karavanke ridge, towards the Julian Alps, tops of the Kamnik Alps and the whole upper Sava valley. From the top of Golica there is a beautiful view of Carinthia in Austria.
The Karavanke is an oblong mountain range, with high mountains only in the west, changing into the mountains of medium height towards the east. Western part of the Karavanke is a natural state border with Austria and it extends towards the Kamnik-Savinja Alps in the east. Due to the sunny location and mostly undemanding relief they are a very popular hiking destination. SLOVENIAN MOUNTAIN TRAIL or „transversal“, marked with number 1 on all maps, runs along the ridge of the Karavanke. The highest mountain in the Karavanke is Stol with the altitude of 2236 m. The most popular destinations in western Alps are Kepa (2143 m), Dovška Baba (1891 m), Hruški vrh (1776 m), mountain pass Rožca (1587 m), Klek (1753 m), Golica (1835 m) with Koča na Golici mountain hut (1582 m), mountain passes Suha (1439 m) and Kočna (1469 m), Veliki vrh (1944 m), mountain pass Medvedjak (1698…
Route: Planina pod Golico – Jeseniška planina – mountain pass Rožca – Hruški vrh – Dovška baba – shepherd’s house at Dovška Rožca – Hruški vrh – mountain pass Rožca – Jeseniška Planina – Planina pod Golico Difficulty: easyDuration: 10 hoursAltitude difference: 950 mSights along the route: views from Rožca, Hruški vrh and Dovška Baba
Žerjavec trim trail starts at the water reservoir at Zgornji Plavž and runs along the walking path on the slopes of Žerjavec. The first third of the track is steep while the middle part is flat and the participants can enjoy a beautiful view of the town of Jesenice. The third part of the track is downhill towards the settlement. There are 15 exercise points on the track of different levels of difficulty. It is 1.5 km long, altitude difference is 100 m. Just follow signs »Trimček« and you will not get lost. Information: Zavod za šport Jesenice - Institute for sport Jesenice Ledarska 4 4270 Jesenice Tel.: 04 586 33 64 www.zsport-jesenice.si
Route: Javorniški Rovt – Pristava – Pusti Rovt – mountain pass Kočna – Belska Planina (also Svečica or Struška) – mountain pass Medvedjak – Medji dol – Hut Trilobit – Hut Pristava Difficulty: easyDuration: 7 hoursAltitude difference: 720 mSights along the route: Javornik waterfalls, Zois' Park at Pristava, Natural history and mining learning path, Slovenian geological transverse, botanically rich Belska planina (June)
Route: Karavanke ridge: from Stol to Kepa Day 1 Javorniški Rovt – Pristava – Olipova planina - Potoška planina – Valvazor hut Prešeren's hut on Stol – Stol – Prešeren's hut on Stol Day 2  Prešeren's hut on Stol – mountain pass Vajnež – Medvedjak – Belska Planina – mountain pass Kočna – mountain pass Suha – hut on Golica Day 3 Hut on Golica – Golica - Jekljevo sedlo – Rožca – Hruški vrh – Dovška Rožca – Gubno - Kepa – mountain pass Jepca – Belca - Jesenice Difficulty: difficultDuration: 3 daysAltitude difference: 1260 mSights along the route: Javornik waterfalls, Zois' Park at Pristava, ridge path with the views of the Julian Alps, Ljubljana basin and southern Carinthia in Austria

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