Skok na osrednjo vsebino

Old mining route

Trail route:

Stara Sava – Murova – Pejce – Prihodi – Planina pod Golico – Savske jame

Difference in elevation:

600 m

Walking time:

3 h 30 min



Interesting sights along the trail:

Stara Sava museum quarter, Upper Sava Valley Museum (Slovenian Ironmaking Museum, Museum of workers’ culture Jesenice), Kos Manor, the historic district of Murova, Chapels of St. Barbara at Pejce, Holy Cross Church, Savske jame iron ore deposits, daffodil meadows

The traces of hard work and life of the miners, ironworkers and others who were tightly connected to the once richest iron ore deposit in the region, can still be seen and sensed today. A walk that follows the Old mining route will take you back in time and reveal the fragments of everyday life of the people who excavated and transported iron ore in the region.

On your way, piece by piece, you will learn about the work of the local miners and uncover the veils of the past. You might even chance upon the ironworks and mine owner by the name of Viktor Ruard or bump into the mining manager Heinrich around the corner. In the vicinity of the shaft you might even hear the sound of a pickaxe in the strong hands of the miner Tona. All three of them are real historical figures who are all connected to the mining past of Savske jame in one way or another. In their live enactment they are revived as part of the Old mining route, now a theme trail that follows the route once used by horse-drawn cart drivers for transporting ore from the Savske jame mines to blast furnaces by the Sava river. Visitors to the route can learn about the history of mining and its related activities. Information boards and exhibits are situated along the route.

You can embark the Old mining route independently or in the company of a guide, by yourself or in a group. If you book your visit early enough, you might even meet Viktor, Heinrich and Tona at Savske jame.


More information and reservation on:

Tourist info centre Jesenice, Cesta maršala Tita 18, 4270 Jesenice (04/58 63 178, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


Price list of performance (at the request of the client):

1 historical character      100,00€

2 historical characters    150,00€

3 historical characters    200,00€


Order and payment:

Gledališče Toneta Čufarja Jesenice (Tone Čufar Theatre), Trg Toneta Čufarja 4, 4270 Jesenice (04/58 33 100, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


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