Skok na osrednjo vsebino

A stroll along the Mežakla plateau

A stroll along the Mežakla plateau Foto: Aleš Krivec

The starting point is before the village of Kočna (from the direction of Jesenice), where a board marks the beginning of the trail. Climb the Mežakla slopes, following the marked trail. During the ascent, leave the trail briefly to have a look at the Poljanska Baba solitary rock formation. With a little imagination you can recognise a female form - it is named after a noble woman who was petrified into stone for her cruelty. Once you return to the marked trail, continue uphill to the Obranca meadow, where you will find a memorial for the first partisan battles against the German occupiers and a monument for those who died in the Second World War. A smaller shepherd’s hut can be found at the upper part of the meadow. Walking past the hut, head west and cross Mežakla, partly on the trail and partly on forest roads. The trail passes Snežna jama, a 70 m long karst cave with an entrance through a collapse doline where snow can be found for a long period of the year. Eventually, the trail starts to ascend to Planski vrh (1299 m), where a meteorite landed on 9th April 2009. Upon reaching the top, you will have come to the northernmost point of Mežakla. Follow the marked trail to the west to Zakop. On your right you will see the stone arch of the natural bridge at Mežakla. At the transmitter you can enjoy the most beautiful view of Jesenice and the Karavanke mountains. Before Zakop the sign posts will direct you towards a partisan hospital. Hidden under an overhang, it provided shelter for injured partisans. At Zakop, the location of a monument for the fallen partisans, the marked trail heads towards the south slope of the plateau. Follow the trail to descend to Jesenice.

Hiking in the opposite direction of the trail is also possible. Particularly on the Mežakla plateau, attention should be paid to orientation despite the marked trail.

Trail route:

Kočna – Obranca – Planski vrh – Zakop – Jesenice (Podmežakla)

Difference in elevation:

670 m, 750 m in the opposite direction

Walking time:

4 h



Interesting sights along the trail:

Poljanska Baba rock formation, Obranca meadow, Snežna jama cave, location of meteorite impact at Planski vrh, natural bridge at Mežakla, viewpoint Špica, partisan hospital, Zakop Partisan Memorial

Vir: Geodetski inštitut Slovenije.



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