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Hiking in the Karavanke

The Karavanke is an oblong mountain range, with high mountains only in the west, changing into the mountains of medium height towards the east. Western part of the Karavanke is a natural state border with Austria and it extends towards the Kamnik-Savinja Alps in the east. Due to the sunny location and mostly undemanding relief they are a very popular hiking destination. SLOVENIAN MOUNTAIN TRAIL or „transversal“, marked with number 1 on all maps, runs along the ridge of the Karavanke.

The highest mountain in the Karavanke is Stol with the altitude of 2236 m. The most popular destinations in western Alps are Kepa (2143 m), Dovška Baba (1891 m), Hruški vrh (1776 m), mountain pass Rožca (1587 m), Klek (1753 m), Golica (1835 m) with Koča na Golici mountain hut (1582 m), mountain passes Suha (1439 m) and Kočna (1469 m), Veliki vrh (1944 m), mountain pass Medvedjak (1698 m), Vajnež (the highest mountain in the Municipality of Jesenice - 2104 m) and Stol (2236 m). Villages Planina pod Golico and Javorniški Rovt are the best starting points for the above trails in the Karavanke.