The hockey puck is a central symbol of domestic origin for the sports fans of Jesenice. The underpass connecting the railway station to the Podmežakla sports hall is swarmed by a roaring red horde, whose cheers and slogans continue to encourage the hockey players of Jesenice in the fight against the green. What Šiška is to Olimpija, Kurja Vas is to Jesenice - the district that provided the most hockey players. Because of the perpetual shade that preserved the frost on this side of the Sava, even long after the other side had already harvested their lettuce, hockey has always been taken for granted here. It is also known that practically every household in the vicinity of the legendary hall of Jesenice Hockey Club has contributed at least one hockey player.
The villages below Golica have had a long tobogganing tradition. Is started because of the need to go to work and school in winter when all the paths and roads are covered in snow.  Later on recreational tobogganing was developed for the fun in the Karavanke, and it soon became a competitive sport.   Natural tobogganing run Savske jame. It is situated in Planina pod Golico in the area of Savske jame. It was made in the 1970s and then renovated in 1975 for the needs of European championship in 1978. It runs along a forest road in the length of 1034 m. It can be used from December to mid-March, depending on snow conditions. Recreational tobogganing is available. During the intercontinental championship, held from the 15 to 25 January, recreational tobogganing is not possible as the run is prepared for the competition of tobogganing on natural runs, attended by…
Sports Hall PodmežaklaZavod za šport - Institute for sport JeseniceLedarska 44270 JeseniceTel.: 04 586 33 Outdoor skating rink Jernejc (Aleksander Jernejc)Cesta 1. maja 1244270 JeseniceTel: 041 668 290 Outdoor skating rink Tourist Society GolicaPlanina pod GolicoTourist Society Natural skating rink at Hut PristavaTel.: 040 309 319Javorniški Rovt
Tours in the Jesenice part of the Karavanke are marked easy or partly demanding which means that the peaks are suitable also for beginners or less experienced tour skiers. As tour skiing is a leisure activity, where genuine relationship with nature is the most important, there are no markings in nature. Tour skiers can get a map with descriptions while less experienced should hire a guide. Tour skiers are strongly advised to consider weather and snow conditions before starting o tour. Recommended tour skiing 1.    Hruški vrh Route: Plavški Rovt – farm Zakamnik – Rogarjev Rovt – Suhi vrh – Eastern route: Hruščanska planina, Rožca  – Hruški vrh; Western route: shepherd's house - western meadow – along the edge to Klek - Planina pod GolicoDifficulty: easyAltitude: 1776 mStarting point: Plavški rovt (900m)Altitude difference: 875 mLength of skiing: 6.2 kmPosition: southernDuration: Eastern route: 3h15`; Western route 3h30` 2.    Klek Route: Planina…
Snowshoeing is becoming more and more popular as people are discovering how easy it is to walk on top of the snow cover without tiring trudging through snow. It is attractive because the technique is not difficult and you can explore unspoilt winter nature which is not accessible for other winter sports. In the territory of the Municipality of Jesenice there are a lot of places, suitable for snowshoeing. Pastures and clearings at the bottom of the highest peaks (Rogarjev rovt, Martinčev rovt, Mentnovo polje, surrounding of Španov vrh, Pusti Rovt, Dobravski rovti, Pristava) and connecting forest roads offer ample opportunities for shorter or longer snowshoeing walks in winter landscape; more demanding people can go snowshoeing on the slopes of Hruščanska and Jeseniška planina, mountain pass Kočna, Belska planina and Vajnež. Snowshoes are also ideal for snowboarders when climbing to the top. If you do not have enough experience or…
Curling Club Jesenice has been active for 50 years. It carries out its activity in Sports Hall Podmežakla. This sport is suitable for all ages and it can be played as recreation or trained for competitions.  It is played on ice in winter and on tarmac in summer.   Information:Sports Hall PodmežaklaZavod za šport - Institute for sport JeseniceLedarska 44270 JeseniceTel.: 04 586 33 64Več:

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