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Snowshoeing is becoming more and more popular as people are discovering how easy it is to walk on top of the snow cover without tiring trudging through snow. It is attractive because the technique is not difficult and you can explore unspoilt winter nature which is not accessible for other winter sports.

In the territory of the Municipality of Jesenice there are a lot of places, suitable for snowshoeing. Pastures and clearings at the bottom of the highest peaks (Rogarjev rovt, Martinčev rovt, Mentnovo polje, surrounding of Španov vrh, Pusti Rovt, Dobravski rovti, Pristava) and connecting forest roads offer ample opportunities for shorter or longer snowshoeing walks in winter landscape; more demanding people can go snowshoeing on the slopes of Hruščanska and Jeseniška planina, mountain pass Kočna, Belska planina and Vajnež. Snowshoes are also ideal for snowboarders when climbing to the top.

If you do not have enough experience or you do not know the area very well, you should hire a trained guide.