Skok na osrednjo vsebino
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Tone Čufar Theatre Jesenice

A witness of history and culture. A place that tells stories about the people form Jesenice, who in addition to hard earned bread, liked to taste also the food for soul ...

Theatre and culture activity in Jesenice has had a long tradition - it started in the 19th century. »Reading and singing society« and »Catholic Workers Society" were founded in 1889 and 1897, respectively. After the First World War there were about 80 active societies in Jesenice (cultural, theatre, singing, music, gym, mountaineering …). Cultural activity goes back to 1910. "Theatre Society" in Jesenice was among the most active theatre groups in Slovenia. Societies were active in different places. Due to lack of premises two important buildings were constructed in the 1920s:  Sokol Centre, nowadays Partizan, and Krek Centre, nowadays called Tone Čufar Theatre. Krek Centre was designed for theatre activity in 1929. It was blessed in a solemn way on 8 September 1930 as "Krek Cultural Centre«. It was named after a Christian Socialist Janez Evangelist Krek. It had been the place of lively cultural activities to the beginning of the Second World War. In 1985 a new annex was built, which nowadays houses Radio Triglav, the cinema and the library. Both buildings are connected by a joint entry hall. In 1995 Tone Čufar Theatre celebrated its 50th anniversary and in 1998 Jesenice celebrated a century of theatre activity in Jesenice.