Skok na osrednjo vsebino

At the confluence of the Sava Dolinka River and the Ukova Torrent lies the old centre of Jesenice, which today dreams old dreams and breaths the rich tradition of ironworks.

Here, all the important elements of an iron foundry settlement can be found in a relatively small area: the mansion, the church, the residential house for workers, the furnace and other facilities, the millpond and the mill. They now form a coherent unit for museum, cultural and tourist activities.

The renovated square offers a new place for public events and the inhabitants of Jesenice and surrounding villages keep coming. This is the meeting point for acquaintances and friends, and from time to time, time simply stops ...

The building got its name during the times of Napoleon’s journey across Europe. It looks like it will stick for ever. Even though it later housed working families and today ...
On Candlemas, as the tradition wills, all the candles in the church are blessed ...
So many contemporary images are hidden within. Magical, simple, inimitable moments ...

Outside, it is hard and unpolished like the coal that used to lie in heaps under the fragile roof.

Občina Jesenice, v sodelovanju z Gornjesavskim muzejem Jesenice in Razvojno agencijo Zgornje Gorenjske, ob Svetovnem dnevu turizma in Dnevih evropske kulturne dediščine vabi na prireditev S Klaro v Vintgar in na Staro Savo, ki bo v soboto, 29. 9. 2012. 

- 8.00: zbor udeležencev vodenega izleta v Vintgar pred TIC-em Jesenice 
po končanem pohodu okrepčilo na Stari Savi 
- 14.30: multimedijska predstavitev projekta S Klaro po Stari Savi 

Za voden izlet so obvezne prijave na TIC Jesenice do petka 28.9.2012 do 12 ure (Telefon: 04 586 31 78, E-pošta: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 

V primeru slabega vremena bo voden izlet prestavljen, multimedijska predstavitev pa bo ob vsakem vremenu. 

Vabljeni, udeležba brezplačna! 


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