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Vajnež (2.104 m)

Vajnež is in western Karavanke. It is about one thousand metres above the late - Antiquity settlement Ajdna. Legend has it that people from Ajdna were buried in gold and silver coffins at the place where the Sava and the Drava can be seen at the same time. That is at the top of Vajnež between Stol and Belščica. Many a person has been looking for gold and silver in vain. However, on bright, sunny and hot days in August those who are able to see by heart and soul will be able to find golden and silver leaves of our Carniolan ragwort above the graves.
There are several paths leading to the top of Vajnež. The most known starts in Javorniški Rovt. It takes about 3 hours to reach the top. You can also take one of the hunting paths - a well known one starts in Potoška planina. Another path leads across Valvazor via Stol.