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Vintgar and waterfall Šum

The Vintgar Gorge is the 1600 m long and up to 250 m deep gorge on the Eastern part of the Triglav National Park.

Vintgar is a majestic and wild gorge, made by romantic and dangerously rushing Radovna, its deep bed, cut into rocks, green pools and magnificent waterfalls, at some places falling more than 20 m deep. The Radovna is still a crystal clear river, rich in fish. It is protected and fishing is not allowed. The gorge changes from season to season. In spring we can admire its lush greenery and clear waters while listening to birds singing. In hot summer it is fresh and cool. In autumn the colours are the most attractive. In winter it changes into a fairytale, not accessible and dangerous and closed for tourists.
A trail for visitors, cut into the rocks, was constructed already in last century.

It had seemed impossible to build a trail at some spots but local masters, stone cutters and carpenters did a great job. Today this trail and its numerous bridges are renovated regularly. Undoubtedly, Vintgar Gorge is one of the most visited sights in the upper Sava area of Gorenjska. Visitors in Bled knew Waterfall Šum more than 100 years ago, before Vintgar Gorge was discovered. By the path, leading from Spodnje Gorje to Blejska Dobrava through Strma stran it is possible to descend to the Radovna. Roaring magnificently, the river is rolling over big rocks. From the bridge you can enjoy a wonderful view of the thundering waterfall, falling 26 m deep.

Milky white waves are crushing into holes in rocks and each other, strong hits changing them into white mist.

In winter water is rolling over big rocks in front of vertical walls, covered in ice, where splashing water drops are creating enormous icicles.


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