Tradicionalni dogodki

This is a club competition in tobogganing on a natural toboggan run in Sava caves, attended also by competitors, members of foreign clubs. The competition takes place in January and it depends on weather conditions. The toboggan run leads along a forest road and it is natural. The conditions depend heavily on weather. The run is used also for recreational tobogganing, however during intercontinental cup it is used only by competitors. Information:Tobogganing club JeseniceTel.: 041 885 200
In carnival time Tourist Society Golica and Pig's head section organise »Downhill for pig's head trophy« in Črni vrh. The competition has been held since 1967. A lot of skiers, who compete individually or in groups, come to Črni vrh on Shrove Sunday. Anybody with a sense of humour and socializing can participate. The only condition is that participants compete on skis and they wear a carnival costume. The winner gets a roast pig's head and a cup. A mayor is elected on that day as well. Several years ago there was also a competition for the best liar. Since 1994 children have been participating in their own category and the winner gets a sweet pig's head. Costumes, representing current affairs, are particularly welcome. The competition takes place every year, regardless of weather conditions, and it always attracts a lot of visitors. Information:
It is a traditional craft fair in Jesenice, held every year from 15th to 19th March. Products, made by domestic producers, can be bought on stalls. There are several domestic music groups performing, children have fun on merry-go-rounds. At the same time the Week of Craft and Entrepreneurship with workshops for entrepreneurs and exhibitions in Tone Čufar Theatre is held. At the end of the fair awards are given. Information:
It is an international competition in figure skating, organised every year in April by Slovenian Skating Union and Skating Club Jesenice. Every year a great number of skaters - seniors and juniors - from several countries (Slovenia, Germany, France, Sweden, the United States of America, Slovakia, Korea, Italy, Canada, Russia, Japan, Switzerland, Croatia,…) compete in Podmežakla Ice Hall. Information:
In order to celebrate Labour Day (1st May) Mountaineering Society Jesenice organises a bonfire by the mountain hut on Golica. It is a social event, attended by local people and visitors. Information:
In May, when daffodils are in blossom, Tourist Society Golica organises several events. An exhibition of photographs or other works is opened in Štefelin’s house which becomes a temporary tourist office, offering information, promotional material and postcards. As it used to be, during the main event, Miss of Daffodils is selected. The first Miss was selected in 1964. Groups of mountaineers and local people have fun at the village party. In 2010 a marketing campaign of decorating the town with daffodils was started and it will be continued also in future. There are several participating institutions and companies which contribute to the change-over of the town into a town of daffodils. Several events are held, connected with daffodils in different ways. Children make daffodils of various materials, adults visit exhibitions of photographs or paintings; a lot of hikes and trips to Golica and Rovte are organised.  At the end of…
Since 1998 1st August has been a memorial day, until then 1st August had been a municipal day. On 1st August 1941 Cankar troop fought with Germans on Obranca. This was the first armed partisan fight in Gorenjska. Every year wreaths are laid on the memorial, erected in memory of the soldiers killed on Obranca. Information:
Every year, on the second Saturday in September a meeting on Rožca is organised.  The organisation of the event alternates annually between the Tourist Society Golica on the one side of the former border and the Municipality of St. Jakob from Carinthia on the other.  When Slovenia became independent, the border was released and Tourist Society Golica and their initiator Franci Smolej wanted to strengthen their relationship with neighbours on the other side of the Karavanke. In cooperation with Boris Bregant, former mayor of Jesenice, the meeting got intermunicipal character. First meeting was held in 2001 on mountain pass Rožca at Mokot cottage, later on it moved to shepherd’s cottage on Jeseniška planina. Every other year the meeting is held in Austria on Rožca. Later the meeting was renamed to Arh-Jalun meeting as it was supposed to be the continuation of friendly meetings of fire-fighters from both municipalities. However, in recent…
At the end of August Tourist Society Golica organises farm games with several participating teams. There are several games in which the competitors have to show their strength, skills and inventiveness. Old farm chores are shown during the games (assembly of an old farm hay cart, looking for eggs in hay, sawing a log with a hand saw, etc.) in a humorous and entertaining way.  The winning team receives a transitional cup and all teams get symbolical practical prizes. Information:
Čufar's Days is a traditional festival, held in November every year. This is a meeting and competition of amateur theatre groups. Six to eight theatre performances are on the stage of Tone Čufar Theatre. An expert jury selects the winners of Čufar Award for: best performance, best actor, best actress and best performance, selected by the audience. Information:
On the name day of St. Stephen, patron saint of horses and all the activities, connected with horses, horses are blessed in Blejska Dobrava. The village community organises also other events with performances of music groups. Information:
Ice-hockey matches in Podmežakla Ice Hall are a unique experience, particularly when eternal rivals Hockey Club Olimpija Ljubljana and the home team are playing. Matches are even more interesting as in addition to the national league the club plays also in EBEL league. Join the hot-tempered supporters Red Steelers. You can buy tickets in Tourist – Information Centre in Jesenice or at Jesenice Club website, which sells also supporters' requisites. Information:

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