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Hiking map of Jesenice

Recommended hikes are marked on the map. Red and white marks for hiking trails and yellow marks for local hiking trails appear regularly along the route. The difficulty levels of individual trails depend on the difference in elevation and the length of the trail. Despite the pleasures and joys of visiting mountains, we kindly ask you to take responsibility for your safety and to be technically and physically prepared for the hike. You are solely responsible for using the footpaths and hiking trails. The publisher and landowners are not responsible or liable for any injuries. We wish you a safe and enjoyable hiking experience!any injuries. We wish you a safe and enjoyable hiking experience!

Jesenice, hiking map of the municipality in scale 1 : 25 000. 3. edition: 2020.
Published: Občina Jesenice.
Edit: The Development Agency for Upper Gorenjska.

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